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I think there's a place for just about everything on the Il Divo forum, but not everything goes everywhere. This blog is dedicated to the people who understand that. Here you'll find random humor about Il Divo fans by an Il Divo fan and the occasional rant.

Sep 16


Can I pay for concert tickets with my tears

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Jul 6


apparently you can’t like a band if you don’t know all the member’s full names, every word to every song they’ve ever written, how many times a day they use the bathroom, their blood type and own a sample of their hair.

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Apr 22
  • No Celebrity Ever: I think I'll fall in love with that screaming fan that's stalking me.

Feb 15



If I ever saw one of my celebrity crushes in real life I wouldn’t approach them. Instead I would pay a homeless man twenty bucks to punch me in the face in front of them. Because based on all of the fanfiction I have read they would then rush to my aid and then invite me back to their apartment to get an ice pack and then I say something cute and witty that makes them want to kiss me and then we fall in love and get married.


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Feb 4



Perhaps the most accurate gifset I’ve seen for this. 

Perfectly put :)

Jan 20

Jan 19

Jan 16

(This is an Il Divo fic that was written and actually posted on the forum.  I think I should post it here anyway.  It feels more like something that tumblr should have.  This is me just copying and pasting because I’m too lazy to reformat.)

(Un)Intentional Metaphors

by Danielluh Dellirihim

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Jan 13

why do famous people think that they can only date other famous people like youre limiting your chance to find your soulmate

for example: me

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